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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Dare You To Knock THAT Over!

In the winter time on really snowy days the snow plow goes by our house at about 60 mph and throws snow against my net fence and knocks it over.  I get tired of digging it out and putting it back up.  I swear they are doing it on purpose just to see how many times that crazy duck lady will take it before she does something different.  In fact I think I can hear their maniacal laughter as they drive on down the I decided to move the fence inland about 6 feet to see if it helps.

This project is more complicated then it sounds.  The net had weeds and alder trees growing up through it (seen in the upper left hand corner of the first photo) was fastened firmly to the earth.  I had to pull up the alders and use a pick ax to remove the turf in preparation for the gravel we are scheduled to have delivered tomorrow morning.

There is also a flower bed that runs down the driveway and then turns the corner and parallels the road for about 20 feet.  That curve had to be redone and the bed moved in ...not an easy job.

I dare the snowplows to knock it over now!

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