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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Striving To Continue To Be Productive

I'm tired, and the garden is tired too.

In fact, I think this entire community is tired. Tired and maybe a little discouraged. It's been a long summer, and we've all worked hard, and what was it all for? Life can be taken from you in a second. I think it's best now to slow down a little and look at how we fill out lives and re-prioritize and figure out what is really important in life.

As I contemplate these things I look around the garden and see a lot of plants that look worn out.

The herbs are trying to go to seed.

And the leaves of the flowers are dying.

But when I look closer I see that most of the plants are still trying to be as productive as they can under the circumstances. The Snap Pea Pods are discolored and too large to be eaten whole....

But once they are opened I find tender, sweet, peas that look perfect.

The large Broccoli heads are gone and the leaves of the plants are in bad shape, but somehow they are still pumping out lots of little sprouts that are absolutely delicious.

Most of the leaves on the Cucumber plants in the sunroom are dead, but look at this beautiful Cucumber.

 And there are still lots of green Tomatoes that will try to ripen.

The Lettuce is bolting like crazy.....

But if you search the bed closely you can still find fresh, new leaves that are still sweet.

The Zucchini is hanging in there too...

The ducks have slowed down on egg production, but we are still blessed to be getting at least a couple a day.

And there's still a few stalks of Rhubarb to be picked.

And all of the Potatoes to harvest.

Even if I don't feel like it, it's time to gear up for another year and try to be as productive as possible.

 What's important to you?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Chance To Dry Out A Little Bit

The weather in Sitka has been rainy for quite a while have to be tough and willing to work in the rain if you garden here!

Maybe I'm not tough enough. I do get tired of getting wet. So, I took a little trip down to my folk's place in Oregon to dry out a little bit. 

The Roth family was having a reunion, and it was being hosted by my folks on the home place, so I got the chance to see lots of family that I have not seen in years! And look who joined me.....

Levi! Here he is helping my brother, Brian, with the BBQ'd pig.


Food, family, and fun..........and no rain!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

And The Spinach Is Free!!!!

There has been quite a bit of rain lately. But the produce doesn't seem to mind!

Big, luscious veggies make deliveries really fun!

There's Lily, standing outside in the rain, looking through the door to see what I'm doing inside.....

The sun does come out once in a while to give us a break. Long enough to get the garlic harvested.

Look at this beautiful Lily!

 One thing that is for sure growing out of control is the Spinach.

It's just bolting and going to seed like crazy! But there are still a lot of really nice leaves on the plants and it still tastes delicious.

It's a little tedious to pick, so I've decided to let people pick it for free. Just about every day I pick a nice bouquet of it for the ducks.

They love it!

You're welcome....

Come on out and get yourself some!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

EVERYTHING IS READY!!!! 10 Random Tidbits

1. The Rhubarb is taking over.

Come out and pick some!

2. The Salmon Berries are very plentiful.

They're so beautiful!! Unfortunately, the Salmonberry bushes are absolutely LOADED with aphids this year. I get absolutely covered with aphids when I pick them.

There was enough berries to make jam and sell it at the Farmer's Market.

3. Lily's people came to visit her...

They really miss her.

4. I was very excited that this finally happened.....

Is it vanity?

5. This little girl's name is Lily...

Lily..... meet Lily!

6. These are Radish pods from the Rat-Tailed Radish plant.

They're juicy and spicy and delicious!

You need to come and pick some!

7. The Pea Pod crop is simply astounding this year.

Ada likes them.

You REALLY need to come and pick some!

8. I find it hilarious that Lily likes to hang out at the top of the garden, right beside the wooden fork and spoon.

I don't think she realizes how ironic it is.

9. There are so many Greens here at the u-pick garden that are begging to be picked.



And Lettuce.

You REALLY, REALLY, need to come out and pick some!!!!!!!

10. Ducks are extremely naughty.

They are getting into trouble every day!