THE U-Pick GARDEN will be closing August 20th. This will be the last year the garden will be open to the public. Next year I'll be operating as a CSA, supplying about 20 regular customers with weekly boxes. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years, but it's time to try something new.

To get a copy of my book, "How To Grow Vegetables In Sitka, Alaska" just give me a call....The books are $20 plus tax. If you live out of town and want me to mail you a copy, you can mail a check for $25.60 to:

Lori Adams
P O Box 6021
Sitka, Alaska

Down To Earth U-Pick Garden is located at 2103 Sawmill Creek Road in Sitka, Alaska. It is open usually from mid-June through late August. Hours are Monday-Saturday 12:00 to 6:30. On Farmer's Market Saturdays I am not open until 2:00. Children are welcome but may not run through the garden or chase the ducks. If you have any questions you can contact me, Lori Adams, at 907-747-6108 or 907-738-2241. My email address is

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Little Snow

A couple of days ago we had the first snowfall of the season that amounted to anything....

The ducks are a little confused, but very tolerant.  I am always amazed that they don't seem to get cold...

 I mean.....where would be the one place you wouldn't want to be on a cold, snowy day?  In the water!!!

Yet, they act like that is their preferred place to be.  Don't their feet get cold?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet Lucky

My neighbors that live down by the water have mallards in their yard all the time.  Last spring they brought me a lone drake that wasn't integrating into the wild herd and I named him "Jeeves".  I.recently sold all of my males except Jeeves and have been scheming on how to get some new ones.  This is not as easy as it seems because most of the male mallards in town came from my eggs!  Well, this morning the same neighbors called me.....they had an immature drake that had been abandoned by its mother.  It had disappeared for a few days and this morning finally showed up, injured and starving!  It somehow made it up to the food dish and they were worried that it wasn't going to make it on its own, so they gave me a call to see if I wanted it.  YES!  So, meet "Lucky"...

He is the luckiest duck in the, water, shelter, protection from predators, company (when he is ready for it), a chance to rest and recover from his injuries in a private suite, and about 7 females all to himself next Spring (unless I find some more drakes!!)

Rest up little buddy!

Eerily Calm

Our weather has been so cold, clear and's eery when we hear about all the havoc being reeked on the east coast.  Maybe the calm before the storm....I hope not.

One of the things I did recently was harvest my basil that's been growing in the sunroom...

A couple of  the plants had died...probably from the cold seeping through the windows, so it was time to harvest it before it all died!

I just love fresh basil pesto!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Was Once A Test Pilot In A Broom Factory

I had a great straw broom that I used in the sunroom that my folks bought for me at the broom factory they once toured in Mexico.  We have had it for so long that the bristles were wore down to mere stubs. Mr. Adams used it yesterday and deemed it a joke. He said we could afford a new one, and I said that I was quite happy with the one I had.  It got quiet and I turned around and saw this..............


Then he said, "There, now you're forced to buy a new one."  Then he went to town and bought one for me.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tour de Coop

Today was sunny and cold....I could so get used to this weather!!  After a semi-successful garage saling adventure I was lucky enough to attend the local tour of chicken coops...

Well, 4 coops anyways in the downtown area.  It was great fun!!!

photo stolen from the amazingly talented Amy Danielson....thanks Amy!

No. 1
another photo stolen from Amy as my shots of her beautiful coop were lousy

Amy has a cute little cabinet attached to her coop for the chickens to use when they lay their eggs!

No. 2....under the stairs....what a clever use of space!

No. 3, aka "The cutest coop in Sitka"....

And No. 4...

Every coop we visited was unique but they all had one thing in common....they were all built using ingenuity and creativity....I love that!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Knitting Day And Boat Work

Today was another clear blue sky, bone chilling day.  I wonder how much longer it is going to last?  Today was Friday so that means it's Knitting Day!!!  And this time I remembered!  It was a good time with yarn, ideas, projects and fellowship.  After that I met Mr. Adams on the boat and we did a little maintenance to get the boat ready for winter.  Not my favorite thing to do, but necessary all the same.

Nothing super impressive to report, but a good day overall!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Work Goes Faster When You Do It With A Friend

More seaweed hauling today, but this time Carolyn went with us....

Bend down and pick up some seaweed...

Stand back up straight and put it in the barrel...




Are you tired yet?  

Someone sure looks tired!

 On the way home we stopped in at the local brewery to collect some of their spent grain.

This stuff is GREAT for the garden, it's free, it's about a mile from my house, it's free, the ducks love it's free!!!

I'd say that's a pretty good load!

Thanks for going along Carolyn!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Even though the weather is fantastic I didn't get much done today, so I will give you something to laugh about....Levi and a few of his friends have been working on taking their senior photos themselves and this is one of his top picks....

.....and then later in the newspaper's police blotter....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Of The Same

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately....cold during the night but sunny during the day.

  I don't have anything wildly inviting to report today, just more of the same.....hauling seaweed and beach mulch.   I just love the stuff and can't get enough of it. 

And here's my beach buddy...

Sometimes I just fill the back of the truck, but lately I've been using buckets and garbage cans because it makes unloading so much easier.

I've been stockpiling the mulch in my empty tubs and plan to use it next year for potatoes, tomatoes and carrots...

You got to "make hay while the sun shines!"

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Day Out On The Boat

When we are finished with bear hunting season the last thing we usually want to do is go out on the boat for fun.  Because, face it, going out on the boat is work.  But today we broke with tradition and Mr. Adams and I went for a little spin.  The first thing we did was stop and pick up our friend, Larry Hyde.

Larry lives on a little island just outside of town, so he paddled out to the boat to meet us.

While we were underway we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon....yummy!

And then it was off to explore!! 

 We eventually anchored up and went ashore, and of course we looked for berries...  

Bog Cranberries...

And Lingonberries...

It was pretty good picking, so I guess it pays to get out of town!

And then it was back to the boat.....

While we headed for home we had dinner and I cleaned the berries...

Look at the size of that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun was shining and the winds were calm.  All in all it was a good day!!