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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Me vs The Rock

Last night I had a long dream about the ducks.  They were eating all my starts and most of my dirt because I seemed unable to build fences and I was so frustrated!  I had to have the vegetables but didn't want to get rid of the ducks.  I know this dream was brought on because of that stupid rock.  Same feelings, just a different problem.  This is how the rock looked like this morning in the cold harsh reality of daylight...

Good grief, it looks like a meteorite fell in our yard!
After some consultation it was decided that it would be best to rent a jack hammer and break the rock up into pieces rather than try to haul it out intact.  Before heading to town I dug out the trench on the opposite side of the bed to see if there were any more obstacles to be aware of and fortunately everything looked good.  The starfish in the buckets however are not looking too good...they will probably smell bad by the time I get them in the ground.

The rental agency seemed to think I looked capable of operating the jack hammer so I brought it home and went to work.  It was very heavy.  I must have looked like one of those women in the photos from the 50s who had those exercise machine belts wrapped around their bodies "shaking" off the fat! Or a machine gunner!  But hey, it did the job! Here's the first piece to break off...

That's right!!  I showed that rock who was boss!  It took about an hour and a half, but I was able to whittle it down to an acceptable height.

There was no one there to witness the event and swear that I did it so I took a photo of my shadow- fists raised in triumph!

What is left in the hole is 2 large slabs of rock that are too heavy for me to lift so they will stay there-buried in the pathway.  It's probably not the proper way to do things, but they are not in the way anymore and I am relatively sure a hole will not need to be dug in that spot again, so that is the plan.
 The cat slept through the whole thing....

The other big event of the day was the delivery of the first tomato starts to Penny Brown out at Garden Ventures.  You should see her place, it's just bursting with beautiful plants!  Makes you feel like spring is finally here!

Go on out to Garden Ventures and buy a tomato plant!


  1. Next time Kerry finds a big rock in my garden, I'm telling him to rent a jack hammer instead of dragging the thing across everything :-).

  2. I would raise my fists in triumph, too!!