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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Long, Long Day

Today was my first all-dayer of the spring.  It was beautiful outside and I wanted to take advantage of it.  The first thing I did was transplant the cauliflower starts to finish up the bed I started a couple of days ago, and then I headed to the beach to get some seaweed....

Since this particular beach is nice and flat I took Lucy with me.  I have to be careful where I take her now because she is almost blind and it is hard for her to get around in rough terrain.  The purpose for taking her is to get her some exercise.  She gets ignored most of the time, and her life is boring, so I like to take her to the beach with me.  My idea is that she will run around and get exercise, but what she usually does is find something to eat and spend the entire time munching on it.  Today was no exception...she found a deer bone...

This beach is really close to our house and the seaweed is easy to get so we were done in record time and headed home with 6 garbage cans and 2 buckets full...

Seaweed is the ultimate plant food.  I know people who have grown vegetables in nothing but seaweed.  You can mulch with it, mix it right in the beds or compost it .  I love mulching the brassicas with it,they just thrive!

The ducks can get their heads through this fencing clear up to their necks, so I had to tuck the floating row cover and netting in really tight.  They like the seaweed and they could easily reach through and eat those starts along the edge.

After that job I got out my new "toy"....I mean "tool".

I didn't think I could afford a seeder because my garden is so small, but Mr. Adams said I can't afford NOT to have it.  He says that a small farmer needs to utilize every square inch that is available...I thought that sounded wise, so I bit the bullet and bought it.  It's fun!  I'm using it here to plant some turnip seeds.

Dinner was pizza, sad but true.  But I did pinch out the top of a young basil plant for a tasted heavenly!

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