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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Close Only Counts In Horseshoes And Hand Grenades

Pastor Bob had a great sermon this morning at church.  He said one Bible study method that brings out many interesting things to ponder is to study all the questions that were asked in the Bible.  He said there are 1022 questions in the  New Testament alone!  Amazing!

After church we grabbed a quick lunch at the grocery store deli and headed home.  Before I could work on the carrot row I decided I needed to water and feed the starts in the sunroom.  I've been using a purchased fish fertilizer that looks disgusting and smells a little bad, but it seems to do the trick.

I don't enjoy watering in the sunroom.  It takes longer than I think it should and I am always anxious to get onto other things, but my motto is, "Maintenance first, projects second."
After that job was finished I decided I should water outside too. The good news is that when I looked under the cloth that is over the spinach and lettuce I was very happy to see that everything has recovered nicely from being transplanted is now starting to grow.  I think I might be able to rob the spinach of some leaves by the end of the week!

The bad news is that the cloth over the kale and beets looked like this...

It was old cloth and the last wind/rain event just did it in.  I decided to ignore my motto and go work on the carrot bed sifting project.

It went really well today.  It was beautiful outside and it only rained once for about 15 minutes, not enough to slow me down.  A friend stopped by to visit for a bit and offered to help so I put her to work doing a few odds and ends...she ended up replacing the cover over the kale and beets for me!  Wasn't that nice?

I worked until about 8:30 tonight and then it started to rain enough that I called it quits for the day.  Within about 6 feet from the end! 


  1. I'm not sure this will work but let's find out. I've missed a few days of checking in with your work and boy am I tired just reading all your posts. You truly are a work horse! Everything looks good and your hard work will pay off soon.
    We've been busy working in the yard as well. We had beautiful weather all weekend so outside we go. Kyle and Erin are going to help with the garden this year so we are expanding it so there is plenty of room for all the goodies to be planted. I hope to put a garden/greenhouse album on my facebook page and you can check things out there. Have a good Monday! You inspire me.

  2. I guess I'm signed in as Scooter. This account was made a long time ago so I guess you have to remember me as Scooter. :) At least I can comment now. ha ha

  3. "I decided to ignore my motto..." haha, best part of the whole post, especially since I was thinking that was a really good motto and I should possibly adopt it as my own.