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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Sun Came Out!

It was hot today and here is my shadow to prove it!

Hello legs!  Hello flip flops!

Mr. Adams and I started out the day by going to the beach and collecting a truck load of seaweed....

And then I used most of it to start a new compost pile. I like to build my compost piles with layers.  No special order, just lots of layers.

Here is my composting's charred from the unfortunate incident earlier this spring.  I like to start the pile on bare ground.

I put a sheet of plywood up to keep the front of the pile square.

Then I start my layers.


Kitchen scraps, stove ashes (cold) and garden refuse...

Spent grain from the brewery...

 Used straw from the duck hutch...

 ...repeat until bin is full!

In a few days it should really be cooking.  I will "flip" it into the other bin once a week for a month or two and end up with a pile of GREAT compost!

For the rest of the day I worked on the Kohlrabi and cabbage row.  It needed to be weeded and mulched with seaweed.

This bed did not do very well this year.  I did not get enough food into it and my cabbage seeds were too old, so the crop totally failed.  Next year!!!  Even though it is not doing as well as I'd hoped this is the best Kohlrabi I have ever grown.  I started it indoors this year and it got transplanted outdoors about May 1st.  I am convinced that if I start them indoors again next year and then transplant them into a bed with good food by April 15th, I could be selling Kohlrabi on opening day!

Notice how limp everything looks in that photo.  Our crops are used to steady rain, so when it gets even remotely warm everything droops!  I am always amazed at this phenomena! The ground is plenty damp!  I also noticed that when it is this hot it's not a good idea for people to come to pick during the heat of the day.  It's best if they come in the morning when things are fully hydrated.

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