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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mission: Pool

Connie had a big project ahead of her as she rolled out of bed this morning. Cleaning the duck pond (cue dramatic music). Here is a before shot of the duck pool. Good luck Connie...
 Gross right!? Just the sight of that thing would have scared me out of the job.

Step 1 was to drain the pool of all the water. Look what we found at the bottom! YUCK! So step 1.5 was to shovel all that guck outta there.

Here is the half finished product. now all we have to do is fill it up!

In this picture the feathers clogged the drain so we had to use the plunger to unplug it. Good idea Connie!

Now THIS is the genius filtration system created to prevent feathers and whatnot from clogging the drain on throughout the days. The more I think about it the more impressed I get...

TADA!! Here is the final product. You know it almost looks like the ducks' natural habitat, if not for the cheap blue plastic kitty pool in the center....

But by the looks of it, they really enjoy that little pond of theirs. Swim on little duckies!!!
And another special thanks to Connie for getting the job done. Round of applause for Connie everyone!

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