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Friday, May 25, 2012

Back To Work

I felt much better today!  The sun was shining and I was glad to get back to work outside.  The first thing I did was pick some lettuce for Levi's sandwich for his lunch.  The lettuce is not full size yet but it's big enough to cut some of the larger leaves.


Then I got Ben to help me get the 4-wheeler out and hook it up to the trailer.  Once I knew the 4-wheeler was going to run I moved a bunch of the fire wood so there would be room to drive around it to get to the back of the property where we dump refuse.  Of course I got the 4-wheeler stuck on the trial run so I laid some old plywood down for a "road". At about noon I was ready and my "slave", I mean good friend, Carolyn Nichols came over to help me start building a new row.

Building rows is not for sissies.  Most of the area is rocks and salmon berry roots, so we have to grub it out with pick axes.   Carolyn helps me because she is strong and capable of just about anything.

Of course it doesn't help matters that when we built the row to the right last year we did not haul the refuse away, we threw it off to the left...where we are working now.  Today we are paying for that move.

Here I am heading up with the first load.  We didn't fill it up too full because I didn't know how much the
4-wheeler could handle.

Once I got to the wood pile I got off to the left a little bit and found out that I hadn't moved quite enough wood...

We moved the wood and I continued to the back of the property were we unloaded the trailer by hand.

Then I drove around the other side of the wood pile with the empty trailer.  I had moved enough wood from both sides of the wood pile so that I could just drive around it and wouldn't have to back up- I'm terrible at backing up and will go to great lengths to not have to do so.

The 4-wheeler didn't have any trouble with the first load so on the second load we filled it up more.

Unloading by hand is for the birds, so I decided tried my hand at backing up after all.  I should be able to get the trailer close to the edge of the bank at an angle so the refuse could just slip out or be pushed out easily, but as I said, I am terrible at backing up!  You can see me laughing at myself in this photo.

If  Mr. Adams were here he would just back that thing up like nobody's business.  But he is not here - he is out bear hunting again, so I will just keep trying.

We only did 2 loads today so we wouldn't wear ourselves out the first day.  I spent the rest of the day tinkering around in the garden.  Last year I decided that I want to build a small formal herb garden, so today I shoveled out the pathway and moved in the iron table and chairs.

I transplanted some of the herbs from the sunroom.  It's slow work because there are quite a few aphids on some of the plants so I have to spray them all down with soapy water before transplanting them.

Well, that was a good bunch of work.  I hope the weather is nice again tomorrow!  There is still much to be done!


  1. I love your blog! -Psalm Oines

  2. Makes the way I garden, kind of whimpy! LOL

  3. Makes me tired just reading about all the work you do, think I'd better go rest now!! Molly Kitka

  4. You just burned about 7000 calories! Goodness!

  5. If I lived closer I would love to help build another row...I don't think I'm a whoosy (is that how you spell it?). I'm getting better at backing up my little trailer so maybe I could help back up the quad...just sayin. All talk though when I live in Oregon. sorry.