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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes I'm Smart

It was a beautiful day today!!  I loved it, but I did sweat alot today.  There's always a lot of bugs, so it's tough to wear short sleeves..oh well, you can't have everything.

Made another trip to the beach today...harder to find salmon than it was yesterday...but I got enough.
This time I got smart and left about 6 inches of head space at the top of each bucket and then topped them off with beach mulch.  AMAZING!!!  No smell, no flies...why didn't I think of that earlier?

Most of the stuff went in the pea row- next year's spinach and lettuce row.  First I pulled up all the peas and layed them in the row. OH, now the ducks are interested!

 Peas are legumes and they work with bacteria in the soil to pull nitrogen out of the air and store it in nodules on their is a small sample..sometimes they get form HUGE masses!

At the end of the plant's life the nitrogen gets stored in the greens, so that's why I leave the plants in the row.

Next I laid a line of used straw down the sides along the inside of the fencing to keep things contained, then wheelbarrowed in a generous amount of horse manure, then laid down a layer of salmon carcasses and then topped it off with about 10 inches of beach mulch.  Later I will add more seashell sand and next Spring I will move the pea tunnel to the next row over. 

I didn't carry around my camera today, so no shots of the finished row, but I think you get the idea...I wonder if I will have the energy to get another load tomorrow.  My mind says "yes" but my body says "no".

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