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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Shopping

I spent the whole day checking out the building salvage stores of South Seattle today.  It  was so much fun!  Here is a run down of my stops..

Second Use...

I liked this place, but they didn't have anything I was looking for.  They had lots of stuff, but most of it was pretty basic.  No really cool stuff.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage....

I absolutely LOVED this place.  They had more cool, unique things.  I am buying a door from them for my sunroom.

  It's on hold until I find an outfit to crate it up and get it to the barge.  There is a big difference between stores in how they handle shipping.  Some of them are so helpful and offer delivery to the barge line, and others are so clueless and just give you a helpless look.  It would be great to have a pickup for this kind of shopping.  

They also have an old farmstyle sink that I am interested in for an outside cleaning station for the garden. This one is enamel over cast iron and I would prefer a enamel over steel one.  I don't suppose one of my farmer relatives has one stashed in their barn that they would give me?

Antique Mall Of West Seattle was not worth going to.  They had antiques, but nothing that you wouldn't find at any Joe-Shmo antique store, and on this trip I am looking for the big and unusual.

Besides, they had areas that looked like one those houses on the "Hoarders" show on tv.

You've all probably been to this place just below Pike Street Market.  

 They have some cool stuff, but it's kind of boring.  Is it possible for an antique store to be antiquated and out of date?

And then, because I was so close to the market I went through the alley to see the "wall of gum".....

That's right....gum!  

And on to the market.  The flowers were just amazing....people were walking around all over with huge bouquets that were being sold for $10-$15.  I've never seen anything like it...they were just stunning!

Of course the vegetable and fish displays were fabulous too, but the flowers really just blew me away.  I almost bought some for myself!  How impractical!

While at the market I had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.....specifically for the creme brulee...

It was as delicious as I remembered!


  1. I just remembered a place not too far from here that looks like a second use drop off...every time we drive by I'm always hanging out the window trying to look through their fence. I've seen a lot of doors and windows, but who knows what else they have. I am DYING to go there, so maybe we should check it out??!

  2. I have a sink just like that one in our garage. From looking at some old pics of our house, it used to be in the kitchen. I tried to talk Rick into resurfacing it and putting it back in the kitchen...but to no avail... Jeannie