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Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank You Mr. Adams

It's not everyday that someone has their dream come true....I feel really lucky that mine did.
And it would have never happened if it wasn't for Mr. Adams.

He spent many hours on the computer helping me find, "Just the right truck," he helped me with the financing, and he was my chief mechanic...

.....and tire-changer.

He did the lion's share of the driving.....

And ALL of the navigating.....and he picked a fine route! The smart phone came in really handy for that.

Although the truck has the original intact dash, the gauges and speedometer don't work....

So Mr. Adams found an app for his phone that has a speedometer, altimeter, and odometer on it. That thing was a lifesaver!!

We logged a total of 3858 miles, and we averaged 17.7 mpg.

 Mr. Adams welded on a passenger mirror bracket, ordered a heating/defrosting unit for us to install, and is going to help me get the truck undercoated.

So it's a shame that he couldn't be here in Sitka today when the barge arrived with the truck....

He had to go back to work a couple of days ago.

Hey, somebody has to keep this operation running!

So today I wrangled my good friend Carolyn into driving me out to the yard (which is on the other side of town) to pick it up. First we stopped at the barge line office to pick up the key.

"Ship in a can," means that I wanted the truck shipped in one of the containers, not strapped on top of the containers like this.....

photo courtesy of the world wide web

On the way out to the yard we had to make a stop to made a produce delivery....

Another good friend of mine, Renee Pierce, sells organic produce shares here in town. The produce is from farms in the lower 48, and she coordinates the weekly deliveries for about 100 Sitkans. Renee is kind enough to peddle some of my vegetables when I have extra.

After the radish delivery we headed out to the yard.....and there it and sound.

I made a quick inspection to make sure no damages had occurred during shipping.

And yes, that is dirt on my knees.

Carolyn followed me as I slowly drove the heavily loaded truck toward home.

And as we drove toward our house it started to rain.

Welcome home little truck. I hope we make many happy deliveries together.

Thanks Carolyn, for helping me unload the truck and for cooking me dinner.

And thank you , thank you, thank you, Mr. Adams!


  1. That truck is just crazy cute in your garden!

  2. Wow! You really put that truck to work on the last leg of the journey before arriving at its new home. It looks right at home there in your garden. What amazing memories you made and will always have with this excursion. I can't wait to see it in Sitka. :)Evonne

  3. That's amazing that a truck of that age made a long trip like that ended in Alaska. And started in my home town. Awsome