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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Own Animals

I have a reoccurring nightmare that I come home from a trip to find that I have animals that I have forgotten about and didn't arrange for anyone to give them food or water while I was gone.  They are dying and I am struggling to get them some food and water before they die.  They usually make it but just barely. dream has become my reality.  It happened like this....

A couple of days ago I clipped the ducks wings because some of them were getting too much air.  When I do this I always herd all the ducks into the inner hutch so I can catch them easier and shut the little trap door.  As I clip their wings I lift the door up and let them out one by one.

I always have trouble remembering to tie the trap door open when I'm done, but I usually remember within 24 hours.  The last couple of evenings when I locked the ducks in and added food to their feeder I was surprised at the amount of food left in the was like they weren't eating any of it....wait a minute, they aren't eating any of the food....why not?  Why are they GOBBLING down the spent grain I throw out for them in the mornings?  Why are they quacking SO loud to get out in the mornings?  Hold it....the trap door is shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I felt SO bad!!!!  I've been feeding them in the evenings and all they could do was just look at the food through the fencing.  I felt horrible for a long time, but then I told myself to get over it and just try to do better.  They all made it...they are all still plump and happy. 

But really?   SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That is a sad story!! one weekend we were going to be gone so arranged for a friend to come feed the dogs. I think we were gone for 2 nights. We got back and David called to ask how the dogs were...and the friend had forgotten to come! We felt so horrible that they hadn't gotten to eat for 3 days. :(