THE U-Pick GARDEN will be closing August 20th. This will be the last year the garden will be open to the public. Next year I'll be operating as a CSA, supplying about 20 regular customers with weekly boxes. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years, but it's time to try something new.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tour de Coop

Today was sunny and cold....I could so get used to this weather!!  After a semi-successful garage saling adventure I was lucky enough to attend the local tour of chicken coops...

Well, 4 coops anyways in the downtown area.  It was great fun!!!

photo stolen from the amazingly talented Amy Danielson....thanks Amy!

No. 1
another photo stolen from Amy as my shots of her beautiful coop were lousy

Amy has a cute little cabinet attached to her coop for the chickens to use when they lay their eggs!

No. 2....under the stairs....what a clever use of space!

No. 3, aka "The cutest coop in Sitka"....

And No. 4...

Every coop we visited was unique but they all had one thing in common....they were all built using ingenuity and creativity....I love that!


  1. what preditor do most people have problems with - in the sitka area? Is it the same for you and your ducks?

  2. DOGS!!! I have lost ducks to mink, bears, ravens and dogs, but dogs are by far the worst! It is the same for everyone else in the Sitka area too.