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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Was Once A Test Pilot In A Broom Factory

I had a great straw broom that I used in the sunroom that my folks bought for me at the broom factory they once toured in Mexico.  We have had it for so long that the bristles were wore down to mere stubs. Mr. Adams used it yesterday and deemed it a joke. He said we could afford a new one, and I said that I was quite happy with the one I had.  It got quiet and I turned around and saw this..............


Then he said, "There, now you're forced to buy a new one."  Then he went to town and bought one for me.


  1. What on earth??! What a terrible (and hilarious) story! I hope you're OK with not getting to prepare yourself for the loss of your broom. :)

  2. I am sad, but life goes on. Levi was very indignant...he is very sentimental about family items.

  3. so - how much hot water was Mr. Adams in? Hilarious!!!!

  4. That is so funny Lori. It reminds me of a story an acquaintance told me years ago. Her husband was adament about wearing his very old suit whenever needed and wasn't willing to buy a new one. When they were invited to a wedding, she got him to go for a new one but again, he told her, in the store, he would wear the one he had. Too late. She had burned the suit so he had to buy a new one. Carolyn Y.