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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dog Eat Dog

Carolyn and I have been collecting seaweed and salmon carcasses.....

And there's plenty of salmon carcasses on the beach to choose from!

I've never seen so many fish!

It's interesting that all of their eyeballs are missing....

Apparently birds find fish eyeballs simply irresistible.

As you can imagine, the smell on the beach is pretty intense....

I like to put a cap of beach mulch on top of the buckets to keep down the smell....

Then I take them home and tuck them in their beds...

Picking up dead fish isn't for everyone.....

.....but we love it!

So, put on some gloves, hold your nose, and get on out there and pick up some fish! 

There's enough for everyone!


  1. oh but lori those are humpies not dogs! lets do it again.

    1. Didn't I see some dogs in there somewhere? Makes a better title!

  2. I need you guys here for flood relief, obviously! Very artsy too. Miss you both.

    1. Thinking of you during this tough time....but you're a tough girl....I know you'll come out on top!

  3. ps Didn’t you tell me once that you couldn’t believe I used herring eggs because of the SMELL? I think you are changing your tune a bit!

    1. I am evolving as a person....some of it thanks to you!