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Friday, October 18, 2013

And Finally.....The Hogs

My Dad used to be a hog farmer. I don't remember a time growing up when we didn't have hogs on the place. And then, about the same time I got married he got out of the business, so for a while there were no hogs on the place. A few years back, my Brother, for some reason, decided to raise a few of them, and since my Dad's farm is set up for that type of thing, there's a few hogs living there again. I was a little surprised. I never had much to do with the hogs while I was growing up - those chores fell to my Dad and Brother, so I would have thought he would HATE hogs. But he seems to genuinely like them. 

Anyways, hogs make wonderful garbage disposals, so we took all of the reject apples out to them and gave them a little snack. My niece, Rebecca, has been involved with the hog project too and is familiar with them, so she called them over for their little snack. Here is the first one on the scene....

Now, since I didn't have to work with the hogs when I was young, I didn't have any real strong opinions about them. I knew that they stank and that I was scared of them, but I also knew that I loved bacon and pork chops, so I guess I thought they were okay. Watching these hogs eat apples now, I decided that I do not like them. I mean, look at this....

That is beyond disgusting. 

And then more of them appeared on the scene....

And I found them even more repulsive and unattractive. Just look at the brown one....

A face only a mother could love.

I have now formed VERY strong opinions about hogs.......they stink and I'm scared of them, but I love bacon and pork chops. 

And I'm going to stick to growing vegetables........ and leave the hog-raising to someone else!


  1. The brown one is a Tamworth, she's pretty sweet, and they DON'T STINK!

  2. They do stink. And they make weird noises and they are slobbery. David accidentally let a few out but they pretty easily went right back I guess they're pretty well behaved.

  3. Brother wasn't happy when Rebecca got her first pigs. I hate to think how many he would have if he had wanted them. Oh, we had bacon this morning.

  4. Daffy played with some babies yesterday -- so she at least likes them.