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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Honk If You Like Pesto

I'm on a major pesto kick this summer. I just can't get enough of it....Lemon sorrel pesto, basil pesto, garlic green pesto, and garlic scape pesto......

And here is Mr. Adams to demonstrate how to harvest garlic scapes and garlic greens!


Garlic is harvested in August, but around July 1st the plants put out a curly flower stalk called a "Scape".

The scape, if left on the plant, will open up into a flower and produce seeds. This activity takes alot of energy, so it's important to remove the scape to be sure the plant is putting all of it's energy into producing a large bulb of cloves. Fortunately, these scapes are funky and fun and absolutely delicious!!! 

1. Choose a young, tender scape that is plump and curled. Old scapes are tough and fibrous.

2. Use a knife or clippers to remove the scape from the plant right above the last leaf blade.

3. You can use the scapes in pesto, or chop them up and put them in a stir-fry. I've even been known to eat them raw for a snack while I'm working in the garden!


When I have tiny garlic cloves I plant them in a separate bed with about 1-2 inch spacing. These cloves sprout up in the Spring and look just like green onions. They can be harvested early in the season - long before garlic bulbs are ready.

1. Select a garlic green.

2. Garlic greens grow long, strong roots, so it's important to use a trowel to dig them up. If you try to pull them up without using a trowel they will likely snap off.

3. Be sure to run the trowel straight down along side of the garlic green rather than at an angle, to be sure you don't cut the garlic green in two pieces.

4. Once the trowel is deep enough in the soil you can pry it up with one hand and pull up the garlic green with the other hand.

Garlic greens can be used just like green onions, but they taste like garlic!

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  1. I would honk but you wouldn't hear me. I love pesto!!