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Monday, May 27, 2013

Picking Up Apples

This morning before church I drug Dad to the beach with me to grab a few buckets of seashell sand and starfish.

And when I saw him bending over, picking up starfish, putting them into buckets, I came to a realization....I realized that he was picking up my "apples". That's right, he was picking up my "apples".

You see, when I was a kid growing up on my Dad's farm, one of our chores was to go out into the orchard and pick up all of the apples that had fallen to the ground and put them into buckets (the fallen apples were then fed to the hogs). This chore sounds simple and pleasant enough now, but at the time you think we'd been given a death sentence or something....we HATED to pick up apples! I remember one time I even feigned a stomach ache.... I just sat on the ground and leaned up against a tree while my brother picked up the apples only to miraculously recover as soon as he was done.  Why did it seem like such a horrible job back then? I would give almost anything now to be able to go out into my back yard and pick up a bucket of apples!!!!

I hope it wan't as bad for you Dad...........Thanks!


  1. isn't it interesting - what triggers our memories with our parents. I am glad that you are having good memories.

  2. I asked Grandma one time what she did to raise such good kids because I need all the advice I can get...she said she made you guys go pick up apples. Apparently I need some apple trees, because I guess picking up apples is the secret!

    1. i never knew she told you that.....that's AWESOME, and really quite profound if you think about it!

  3. I knew you were faking it.......