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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Live In Africa

I am committed to keeping my blog content uplifting and inspiring, but it's been difficult to stay positive with the turn of current events.  It's such a dark world that we live in, so please forgive me for postless days.  Also we have been slogging away at year-end paperwork, trying to get things together before we leave for Christmas vacation....we are going to try to find some sun! 

It's been kind of a funny week.  Most of the time we think we live in civilization, but every once in a while we are reminded that we live remote. 

 photo courtesy of Ben Adams

-Alaska is one of the most remote states in the nation...most of the time we are not even on the map!
-Sitka is only accessible by boat or plane, therefore it's very expensive to get anything or anyone here.  Mr. Adams recently had to Fed-X something to Dallas, TX and they charged him $360.  He says that he could have bought it a seat on the plane and fed it peanuts all the way to Dallas cheaper than that!
-Our local grocery store ran out of milk this week.  When they are out of milk they are out of milk and we have to wait until the next barge comes in before we can get some more.
-There's a Brown Bear living in our neighborhood. (that's an extra large grizzly bear for those of you that didn't know)
-Our house is located just far enough from town that our cell reception is sketchy.  Often I have to stand by the back door or lean my head against the window in the livingroom window to be able to talk on the phone!

It's'd think we live in Africa or something!


  1.'s been difficult to stay positive with the turn of current events. It's such a dark world that we live in...
    Yes, it has been a tough week in the news, but the thing I like to remember is that for every one deranged, amoral person the news splashes a story about, there are thousands,...millions of people around the world who are good, kind, responsible, and hard working. Everyday, just in my town, I see others who are selfless, generous, dependable, and wonderful. Too bad the news doesn't have any interest in those people.