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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Random Tidbits

1. A couple of months ago one of our family members (who shall remain nameless), tried to get on to an airplane with this novelty key chain ornament in their pocket.

It didn't go over so good. Police were called, searches were made, and the flight was delayed. It was in the police blotter.

2. Recently I pulled a small bucket of spent grain out of the freezer for the ducks. I let it thaw most of the way and then dumped it out on the ground for them. As usual, when they saw me holding a bucket of grain the ducks came running.....Unfortunately, the center of the bucket of grain hadn't completely thawed out yet and it came out in a ball-shaped clump.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but this time particular time I dumped it out on the top of the sloped garden bed and the ball rolled all the way down the hill, chasing ducks all the way!!
There it is....way down at the bottom, and the ducks all ran away.

 3. I run most of my errands right in downtown Sitka which is about 4 miles from our house.

There are a few businesses closer to home that I like to frequent too....the big post office, Spenard's Building Supplies, and the brewery for instance. There's only one problem....

Between town and these businesses I have to pass by Totem Park, aka "The Enchanted Forest"....

There it is on the right.

I know this particular forest is enchanted, because when I pass by it I forget all the things I wanted to do on the way home.

 I'm serious! As I head for home from town I tell myself, "Now don't forget to stop at the big Post Office and mail that package", and then I pass by the Forest and I just keep driving, and later I wake up in my driveway wondering why I didn't remember to stop.

I've even held a letter in my hand on the way home, determined not to forget to stop, and there I will sit in my driveway, with the letter still in my hand.

4. This is our City Offices Building. Among other things I pay our utility and moorage bills here.

As you enter the building there is a foyer...

I am always impressed with the distinctive odor of the foyer. It smells like a barn. A clean barn full of sweet smelling hay. Weird...maybe it's this carpet or something.

The rest of the building smells totally different...usually like scented candles.

5. My bestie, Erika, bought me this adorable ink pen...

It's so cute!! And it's perfect for me!

6. Carrot seeds are not round, so they don't feed through my seeder very well. It's important to me to have my carrots spaced evenly and close together, so I bought some pelleted carrot seeds this year and tried them out.

Although the nice round seed pellets fed through the seeder like a dream....

I don't think it was worth the extra money.

So I spent some time calibrating and experimenting with the seeder, and I have finally figured out how to plant natural carrot seeds more evenly spaced.

The carrots look extra great this year!

7. Every year something different happens in the garden that I've never seen before. This year it was the daffodil buds. I have quite a few different varieties of daffodil in my flower beds

The daffodils were absolutely beautiful this Spring! But the weird thing was that the buds of every single variety were long and pointy on the end.

Long, flat and pointy.

In the past they've always been shorter and rounder and plumper on the end. Weird. Did anyone else notice this phenomena in their garden this year?

8. If I didn't mention it before, Emily is here!

Lucy loves "Bemily".

9. The radishes are at their absolute prime right now.....and they're SO GOOD!!!

Connie loves radishes!

10. And, lastly, look.......I got a new truck! A 1947 Chevy.

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. I like the dice!

  2. You got the truck!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

  3. I absolutely love reading your blog!!!! Makes me so happy! I wish I was back in Alaska to pick veggies from your amazing garden! Oh and im totally jealous of your truck! :)