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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Garden Smells Like Farts

I have been spending as little time outside as possible these days. Right now there is about 3 inches of gloopey, wet snow covering everything and it's a little chilly....but even if it was nice outside I would still be holed up indoors doing anything but Christmas cards. Anyways, every time I do go out to take care of the ducks I've been smelling an abnormally bad smell. Over the last month the smell has been getting worse and worse. Usually I just think, "Wow, something out here smells bad, what could it possibly be?" as I hurry about my business and get back indoors as soon as possible.  Well, it finally got so bad that I became convinced something must have died out there. I investigated thoroughly yesterday, and after searching and searching I figured out what it is....

It's the Brassica crops I still have in the ground! The Broccoli....

The Brussels Sprouts....

And the Kale....

They are all still growing.

Even the cabbages I pulled up a month ago and tossed to the side are still "alive" laying on the ground....

I don't normally have this much stuff still in the ground by this time of year, so it came as sort of a surprise to me that they put out so much odor.  Weird.

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