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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Insidious Shade

When the sun rises over the mountains in the morning it shines over our neighbor's house, but it is blocked by some trees that cast an evil that moves slowly over my garden for several hours...

The neighbor has always said we can cut them down, but we've been putting it off, and the trees just get taller and taller! Well, since Mr. Adams has this week off and is in town, we decided that this was the time to get it done.  First we rented an excavator....

(One of these days I'm going to buy one of these things!!!)

Then the guys used their lumberjacking skills...

And then Mr. Adams just picked up those trees and drive them right up the driveway!

(Did I mention that I want one of those things?)

And then, he stacked them up all over the yard.....unfortunately I was too busy to get a photo of that amazing site....there were trees everywhere. Finally, they used the excavator to hold up one tree at a time while they limbed them and cut them up for firewood. 

So now, when the sun does decide to come back out again, there will be no shade on the garden, and....
we have this amazing stack of firewood, ready to be split and stacked!

It's a thing of beauty......It's a beautiful thing.

And now this sits on the kitchen island, where everybody has easy access to it....

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  1. It may have just been easier to move the sun!! you'll have to show pictures of how much more sun you get now.