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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm Old, Fat, And Tired.......And I Can't Stop Thinking About Cookies

It is just harder to get moving this year. I think it's a combination of being a year older, being out of shape because I have been sitting in my recliner crocheting all winter, and packing around these 10 extra pounds I gained. All winter I thought about and planned all the things that would get done this Spring. It was easy then....looking out the window.......but now it's's actually time to move.....and all I can think about it eating cookies!!!! I swear, the thought of warm, freshly baked cookies haunted me all day.

The first project of the day was to collect and haul another load of seashell sand from the beach. Today was my 3rd day of hauling it this week.

Once seashell sand is mixed in your beds you never have to add it again, but last year I added a LOT of new material to my beds, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring some more sand in as well.


Next I spread it about an inch thick over the beds.

Of course, all the Nosy Nellie's had to come and check out what I was doing!


Then I staked out another bed and dug out the dirt to get ready to build the side support.


I made it all the way to the end...I wasn't moving fast, but it got done.

The weather was so beautiful today that even the cat enjoyed being outside...

 Okay, I had to force him to come out, but after he was out for awhile he started to enjoy it....I swear!

 That's right, kitty, enjoy the air blowing your magnificent mane, because some day soon it will be gone!

All in all, even though there were no cookies involved, it was a pretty good day.


  1. so what are you favorites? sounds like someone is in need of a care package?

    1. anonymous care package! How ingriguing! Almost like a secret admirer! It's tough to narrow it down to one kind.....White flour, white sugar.....sugar crystals on top

  2. I had a kitty with long hair like that. I absolutely love that picture. Carry on with your adventurous life! The world is watching.