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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Little Adventure Part 3 - " 'Take The Bus', they said, 'It Will Be Fun!', they said.

Our next stop was Southern Ecuador, which was very far away from where we were in Southern Peru. Even though we had a long way to travel, we decided we wanted to take the bus for the rest of our adventure because we wanted to see more of the countryside than we could from an airplane. Bus stations are interesting places.

In this one I made a new friend.

 Those bus rides were brutal. 19-20 hours long. The seats recline quite a bit, but the leg rests don't come all the way up, so it was very uncomfortable to try to sleep.

The bathroom in the bus starts out relatively clean, but by the end of the ride it's pretty bad. Oh, and did I mention that there is no pooping or toilet paper allowed in the bus toilet?  ......But the view from the bus is great.

Cuzco, Peru

mototaxis in Lima, Peru

back street in Moncora, Peru

 one of the endless banana fields in Southern Ecuador

Especially when you are lucky enough to get the front seats in the upper level of the bus!

Sitting up there was simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating....sort of like a Disneyland ride set to loud American movies dubbed in Spanish with English subtitles which are played incessantly. 

I loved it! 

We'd go days without seeing any other tourists, and there were fabulous sights to see on the way.

In Lima we visited the most fabulous open market. So much to see!

In Moncora we walked the beach and ate delicious ceviche.

 In Nuro we swam in the ocean with the giant sea turtles.  (I stole the turtle photos from the internet because we didn't have our cameras with us.)


In Organos we ate more delicious ceviche.

 And everywhere we went, people marveled over Levi's toe shoes.

 They caused quite a sensation.

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