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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Project Carrot

It's October.....and October 18th was Alaska Day, the day we celebrate the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

Last year we had so much fun handing out Carrots at the parade that I planted an extra bed of them this year so we would have even more to hand out.

It took several days of hard work to get them all ready. First, I pulled them all up. This particular Carrot bed should have been thinned months ago, but I just never had enough time to get it done, so I wasn't sure what to expect....

I was pleasantly surprised with their size!

The large Carrots got replanted in a tub of garden soil, and were left outside for winter storage.

The smaller Carrots were brought into the sunroom where I spent hours and hours sorting and scrubbing them before laying them in an organized fashion in baskets so they would be easy to hand out in a hurry.

There were bags full of imperfect carrots for us to eat, and 6 FULL baskets of perfect carrots to hand out at the parade.

Here is an interesting observation I made.....remember when the ducks got into the Carrot bed this summer and trampled down all the foliage? I was very irritated with the hoodlums! Many of the Carrot tops were broken off during the breach, but eventually they grew new tops. And here is the interesting thing, the tops that were not disturbed were REALLY long and hard to manage, but the new tops were a more manageable length....

....the PERFECT length for the baskets.

Silly ducks....I suppose now I need to thank them.

The weather forcast for Alaska Day was not very hopeful....

No surprise ALWAYS rains on Alaska Day!

But, as we lined up in the queue, it didn't look too bad. Carolyn handed out a few Carrots while we waited.

Mr. Adams ate a few too....

 Finally, as it started to sprinkle, just a little, it was time to head down the street....

I don't have any more photos, because it got completely crazy from here on out.  So many Carrots, so many people wanting Carrots, the parade moving too quickly, Carolyn and I moving too slowly... Sheesh! We decided that next year we need 4 people to hand out Carrots!  It was a lot of work, but man, was it fun! didn't hardly rain at all!!!!!

Happy Alaska Day, Sitka!

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