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Thursday, October 9, 2014

10 Random Tidbits......Before, During and After

I'm finally back from a month of cooking on the boat! And here, for your reading pleasure, are 10 random tidbits......


1. One day Kitty was relaxing in the shade while I was working in the garden.

Suddenly I heard some crazy crunching sound and I turned around to see what it was, and I saw that Kitty had caught a dragonfly and was trying to eat it.

I can't even try to describe to you what that sounded like.  Needless to didn't sound pleasant and he didn't finish eating it.

2. This Spring we apparently had the perfect conditions for optimum pollination....everyone in town that has fruit trees has fruit!  What you are looking at here is the "Great Cherry Harvest of 2014".

These cherries are cool. They are "self-pitting" cherries, so when you pick the cherries off the tree...the pits and stems stay on the tree and you just pull off the cherry.

There were just enough cherries to make one tart.


3. The Apple harvest was unparalleled....

We have bushels of apples!

4. We made tons of pesto this year....out of everything I could think of.... Fennel fronds, Carrot tops, Garlic Scapes, Lemon Sorrel, and Basil.

Pesto is so delicious.


5. On day two of cooking on the boat I cut my finger while slicing carrots with a Victor Knox.

Almost cut the tip clear off! That made cooking and doing dishes challenging for about a week. Everyone who owns a boat knows how sharp a Victor Knox knife is.....there's nothing sharper.

6. In between hunts, Mr. Adams helped me load the truck up with seaweed and beach mulch for the garden.

Thanks, Mr. Adams!

7. While shopping for groceries for the boat I spotted these bananas.....

I've never seen such green bananas.......would they ever ripen?  I didn't buy any.


8. I hadn't even been home for 24 hours and I had a hole dug to China in the garden.

A drain pipe from the house gutters was causing a problem... so we added some length to it.

Digging a hole or trench on our property is challenging.....there are many rocks and slabs of cement in the way. There was even a log that had to be cut in two.

9. We harvested the Potatoes.  The harvest has excellent and they are so delicious!

We have bushels of Potatoes.

10. Kitty missed me while I was gone.....

Now I need to take my chair back.

Well, now I'm back home, so it's time to go back to work. There's much to be done.....


  1. This last picture - must be 'the corner of neglect' - Love the bistro set - cute!

  2. Welcome back. We missed you!

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