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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Last Straw

The ducks have been driving me crazy! Up until about a week ago they had been pretty good, but then all of a sudden they started getting into everything! It all started when I uncovered the Lettuce and Spinach....

The fencing on that particular row has 2x4 inch openings - large enough to allow the ducks to reach their head and necks into the row 12 inches.

I didn't mind it at first - a little snacking is allowed. 

But then they really went to town!

And the ducklings discovered that they were small enough to fit through the fencing completely and they started snacking away.....eventually they just took up residence in the Spinach.

Oh, and there was a lot of this...

The last straw was that they absolutely would not leave the Lemon Sorrel alone. I COULD NOT KEEP THEM OUT OF IT NO MATTER WHAT I DID!!!!! It was just nibbled down to the ground. For some inexplicable reason it had become just irresistible.

It was just time....time to lock them out of the I put up a fence.

Once the fence was up things became calmer and the ducks seemed to be behaving nicely.
And then, today, I cleared some brush out of the area where they are now living and I found this.....

ARRGGHHHH!!!! It never ends! The last thing I need is more ducklings.....they're eating me out of house and home!

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  1. The chickens ate Brian's first planting of corn seed. The next night he put wire baskets over all the seed he planted. The baskets got pushed out of the way. The third night the wire baskets got put over the planting and lumber put on top of the baskets. For some reason he calls them my birds. I'm not the one who brought 48 chicks home. Every chick I have purchased is in a pen.