THE U-Pick GARDEN will be closing August 20th. This will be the last year the garden will be open to the public. Next year I'll be operating as a CSA, supplying about 20 regular customers with weekly boxes. Thank you for your support over the last 8 years, but it's time to try something new.

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Monday, April 14, 2014


The ducks have been feeling their wild oats lately....they're not being terribly naughty, just funny and annoying. They are everywhere, underfoot, and into everything!  And I'm their absolute favorite person....when I show up with a shovel or a bucket or a tool, they just come running, because everything I do in the garden is FUN!!!

One day they noticed that I had the net gate open and they ALL charged out and attacked the coveted inaccessible rhubarb patch.....

Yum, Yum.....fresh diggings....

Eventually they wandered way too far from the garden...excited about new territory.  It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, so.....back in you go!

If I leave anything.....and I mean anything, out in the garden, they are into it...

But I forgive them, because they are laying LOTS of eggs!!!

16 hens laid 16 eggs, 2 days in a row!!!!

Most of them are laid conveniently in the hutch......although, what is with this nest formation?

 Some of the sneakier ducks are still waiting until I let them out and then they try to hide their eggs from me...

Every day is an Easter Egg hunt.

And someone is being especially accommodating... although I love the colors of their eggs, I've always wished that they were someone started laying brown eggs for me!

 -Well, brownish anyways!

Silly ducks.

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