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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Just in case you were on my "naughty" list I'll show you how this year's card turned out. I decided to go with a "pop-up" theme. Who didn't love pop-up books when they were a kid?  I LOVED them! Here's how they came together.....

Step 1: Stamp one million letters on dictionary paper to spell the word, "believe".

Step 2: Apply ink to the sides of each letter. Doesn't that look better?

Step 3: Glue the letters to folded card stock

Step 4: Cut 5 little notches along the top edge of the card and fold the tabs to inside of card.

Step 5: Cut red paper into strips and run them through this "go-go gadget" to corrugate them.

Step 6: Glue the corrugated strips to the top of the card to hide the notches.

By now the scrapbooking table looks like this.....

Step 7: Cut out a million little trees and apply ink to the sides of each tree. Because by now we all know that they look better that way.

Step 8: Make a million little cards with John 3:16 printed on them and glue them to the inside of the cards. For some reason I did not ink the sides of all of these cards.....that got tedious. 

Step 9: Stamp white snowflakes inside the cards......agonizing over placement of course.

Step 10: Color the tabs brown and then glue on the little trees....agonizing over color combinations of course.

Step 11: Glue a star to the top of one of the trees.

See how they stand up when you open the card?

Step 12: Let the ink dry overnight before closing the cards to prevent smearing.

Step 13: Cut a million little jute strings.

Step 14: Wrap a string around the card and put a pretty sequin in the bow. Glue the string along the edges of the card to keep it in place....because it would be terrible if the strings sagged down and were not perfectly even!

Step 15: Make a million homemade envelopes out of magazine pages. And then, the BEST part, apply all the stickers!!! Every little girl likes stickers....and so do old ladies.

It was about this time in the project that I ran out of time and had to scrape it all into a bag and jump on a plane and finish it on the road.

Grand Canyon, Baby!!!

Step 16: Decide who's naughty and who's nice, address the envelopes....

 Step 17: Stop at random Post Offices we spotted along the way and mail finished cards.

Where did yours get mailed from?


  1. Love the journey your life takes, the creativity is impressive!!

  2. So glad I was on the 'Nice List',,,thanks for the beauty and love!