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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Water Again.....But This Time Where I DON'T Want It!

For a couple of years now there has been a lot of water at the bottom of the garden.

Too much water.

In the pathways,

 And in the beds too.

It started out sort of gradually, and we came up with all sorts of explanations for why it must be happening....things like: well, it HAS been raining a lot, or, the soil is compacting over the years from tilling, or,  a drainage pipe from the house gutters must be plugged....anything but the most obvious and most dreaded possibility.

But by March we had to accept the obvious truth.....the main water pipe to the house had to have a leak in it. Oh boy...I envisioned a week long project with an excavator to fix the problem, and neither I nor Mr. Adams had time for that! But something had to be done....I couldn't plant the beds this Spring with that much moisture in them.

So last week, one day, I grabbed a shovel and started to dig a hole to find the water pipe. Once I found the pipe I started to dig a trench. The trench was about 8 feet long when the ground started to get pretty wet. It was about that time that Mr. Adams drove in the driveway. Great timing! He dug about another foot and the ground got REALLY wet. About that time Ken and Monique drove in and Ken jumped in to lend a hand. Great timing again.....because right away they hit water!!!!

Mr. Adams figures that about 5 gallons of water a minute was coming out of that leak! We shut off the water valve down by the road and then Mr. Adams and Ken went to town and bought the supplies to fix the leak.

We turned the water back on and the leak was fixed. Wow! That was easy....a lot easier than I expected it to be.

The next task was to fill the trench back up. But how? With the same material? The material that caused the leak to begin with? It was decided that I should buy some pea gravel to surround the pipe.

I think I bought enough gravel.

Oh yeah.

 (one bucket worth of gravel)

 The leak was found, the pipe was fixed, and the trench was filled back in before the day was over.
And the best news of all is that the ground started to dry 2 days it was completely dry!!!!!!

I'm so happy!

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