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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Levi Was Here!

Levi came home for Christmas break. It's always fun when Levi is home!

First he decorated the tree for me with his good friend, Kristina..

This is his favorite ornament....made by his Aunt Kelley....

 And of course, we had to measure him again....

He's tall.

He helped Dale hook up some flying simulator games on his computer....

 And we all went out to the shooting range....

 Good shot, Levi!

 That was fun.

And was time to open Christmas presents!!!

 Levi got what he wanted.

And as for me....I did too! The ivy in my kitchen window sill has been dead for over a year now.

 That's right....100% stone dead. I've been too busy (or lazy) to do anything about it.

 So, Santa brought me a new one and I spent the day after Christmas taking down the old one and potting up the new one.

It looks SO a breath of Spring, right in the house! Merry Christmas to me!


  1. The new ivy does look a lot better. Levi IS tall! I'll never forget Daphne being nervous that he wouldn't be able to fit through our doorways when he visited us.

  2. So, how tall is he?

  3. He has been close enough to 6'4'' that we have been saying that's what he is. He was convinced that he had grown a little bit since we measured him last and he was right......right at 6'4'' for real!